Really enjoyed our Experience. Great Service, Great Prices, Great Food! Favorite place in town!
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by sherrykinsley

My Husband and I have recently learned about the kowloon cafe and have quickly become regular customers. The thing that make them our favorite chinese food restaurant is that they are always consistent in both their service and their food. Most other chinese restaurants we have been to in the past have greatly varied in this area and are not as consistent with the Kowloon Cafe. Additionally, to our pleasant surprise, we learned that they opened a new location out in Sandy. We visited their new location in Sandy and are very fond of that location as well. The food taste great and the new restaurant has a upscale, clean, and cozy feel that makes dining in very relaxing and enjoyable. The main kowloon cafe in west valley has a more cozy yet historical feel to the dining experience (been there for over 25 years i believe). Regardless of the location, Kowloon Cafe will always be my family and friends top choice in chinese cuisine. Thanks and keep up the good work! Couple of our personal favorites are the Sesame Chicken, Shrimp Lobster Sauce, Combination Fried Rice, and Special Chow Mien Cantonese Style.

Pros: Great Food, Great Service, Great People

Cons: Trying to decide which of the two locations to dine at!

Great food
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by Tonebuth
I love this place. It looks like an unassuming little cafe. Some would say "hole in the wall". But the food is incredible. I've actually been eating here since childhood (when they were at the old building). When I moved out of state and came back to visit I would always stop to eat there at least once & found myself craving their food when I was living hundreds of miles away.

Great for family night out
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by Troo1976
I recently moved to this city from Dallas a couple of months ago and I have been passing by this place on my way to work. One day I decided to do a take-out after work, I ordered a couple of things from their menu to try out their food, and I must say that their foods are incredible. This place is probably one of the best Chinese-American Restaurant in the state. So, later on during the weekend I brought my family here, it was busy, which was a good sign; it took them a few minutes to seat us, which was understandable. Their foods were great and it had huge portions, we ordered the family combination number 5 for 3. It was enough for me, my wife and our two kids, and we still had plenty of leftovers to take home. One suggestion though, during the weekend it would be better to make a reservation ahead of time if you have a large party.
Pros: Great prices and large portions

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by meke
Seriously people. It's the best Chinese place i've ever been to. Amazing service, good food, pretty ladies :). They do their best to provide fast service and good food. They succeed in it. Sure, there's going to be somebody that has a bad experience there, but maybe it's the person, not the restaurant. Even those who do have a bad experience there, keep coming back. Thats saying something huh.
Pros: Everything!

Best Szechuan Beef anywhere
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by foodlover84112
I came to this restaurant out of a recommendation from my friend. He said to try out the sweet and sour chicken, so i did. The sweet and sour chicken was pretty okay in my opinion, but what has gotten me to come back to this restaurant was their Szechuan Beef. It was really delicious, even though it's pretty much just different types of onions and beef, but the sauce is incredible. If you want you can get it cantonese style, which is $1.00 more to add some soft chow mein noodles in it, you'll lose the white rice that usually comes with it but it's worth it. You won't see the option doing it cantonese style in the menu, but if you ask the waiter/waitress, he/she will say that you can do it that way. In Conclusion, whenever I go to Kowloon the first thing I ordered is always their Szechuan Beef Cantonese Style.
Pros: Prompt service and family friendly environment

Great Food
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by kpeterson42
Excellent Food! I drove past this place a few times and heard so much about it .. finally i was able to bring my family in and try it out for myself. I must say i am Impressed. The food taste great and the portions are huge. My wife and i had chinese and our kids enjoyed the chicken strips and fries off their childrens menu. I will definitely be going back and recommending this place to my friends.
Pros: Good Food, Big Portions, Kids menu available

Great Chinese Food !
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by kmukai
My wife and i are frequently in search of good Chinese food and i think we found it! We recently came across a restaurant called Kowloon Cafe located near the E center in salt lake city and i must say the service and food was excellent and best of all.. it was at a reasonable price. The portions are very large and it taste great!
Pros: Two big Thumbs UP!

Two thumbs up
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by jamesyang318
Kowloon cafe offers a wide variety of chinese and traditional american cuisines. The sesame chicken is highly recommanded, the special sauce is just superb. A must if you are in the neighborhood.
Pros: Food, Varieties

Sweet & Sour Bliss!!!
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by cwang817
Kowloon Cafe's got a mixture of American and Chinese food, both produce mouth watering effects! You have to try the sweet and sour pork/chicken/shrimp! And if you're in the mood for American, I would recommend the melt in your mouth Prime Rib! I love it! Setting is quiet, and the food is just fantastic! A++
Pros: Great Prices, Good Parking